Egypt life in 1930s

Pyramid Land 1921

Making bread bricks and cloth from wheat in Egypt 1920s

The Pyramids at Giza circa 1920’s

A tour of Egyptian tombs and temples in the 1920s

A tour of some sites in Egypt in the 1920s

Suicide Killers

This feature documentary takes the audience on a disturbing journey deep into a culture that few can comprehend — that of suicide bombers. Filmmaker Pierre Rehov examines the phenomenon of suicide bombers through rare and never-before-seen interviews with actual family members of terrorists, the prisoners whose bombing attempts have been thwarted, and exclusive footage of a terror bomber as he prepares for mission! This film provides a message of urgency for increasing our understanding of the psychopathological dynamics of these terrorist bombers. We finally gain insight to how these human bombs “tick”.
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